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I finally have a blog. Took quite some time.

I already made a few stints into blog-country, starting pretty soon after having set up my first private server at my first employer, Inode, where I started my apprenticeship training in IT.

It all started back in 2001 with a manually edited, untimestamped, uncredited homepage (which I was told that it had a few followers back then).

Some years later I started using a reduced form of photo-blogging with trusty old ids, just snapping whatever strange, funny or outright hilarious things I saw in everyday life.

Somewhere in spring 2008 a friend of mine showed me, which made publishing content prohibitively easy, but the platform also showed it's limits pretty soon, especially when trying to publish longer or complex posts.

And now, at the end of 2008, after 2 years of nagging by a friend, Christian showed me Movable Type, which looked slick, offered support for sane databases and as it turned out, is also pretty nice to use.

Watch out blogosphere, here I come.

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